The New Way To Sell Your Home

by David Bartels on April 10, 2014

Nothing much has changed in the way homes are bought  and sold since the advent of the MLS, more than 40 years ago!  Technology has created efficiencies and sped things up, but most residential deals still involve two real estate companies that have to get paid, two agents who have to get paid and one seller taking Pepto Bismal when the real estate commission is calculated at closing.   It’ so Old Fashioned!

The New Way To Sell Your Home does away with percentage based commissions and charges everyone a set fee.  At Help-U-Sell Conejo Valley, the fee is $6,850.  That’s what you pay regardless whether your home is worth $450,000 or $650,000.  Although the fee varies slightly above $1,000,000, up to there, everybody pretty much pays the same thing!

The New Way To Sell Your Home saves sellers a lot of money over what they’re usually charged  the Old Fashioned way.

The New Way To Sell Your Home takes advantage of the power of the Internet to create maximum exposure almost instantly.

The New Way To Sell Your Home allows for the possibility that you may find your own buyer, and if you do – you save more!

The New Way To Sell Your Home brings licensed professional Realtors to the table to advise, help you negotiate, manage transaction details, solve transaction problems, anticipate difficulties and be available to you on a continuous basis.

The New Way To Sell Your Home is still Full Service, but it also saves you thousands of dollars.

Step out of the real estate Middle Ages and into the real estate Renaissance!  Discover The New Way To Sell Your Home:  Help-U-Sell!  


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