Here It Is: Your Window Of Opportunity

by David Bartels on September 29, 2015

The Federal Reserve announced last week that they will leave benchmark interest rates unchanged.  This is great news because the Fed’s decisions on interest rates drive mortgage rates up or down.  With rates currently hovering around 4% – which is remarkably low – our Conejo Valley housing market is moving along nicely:  buyers are buying and sellers are able to sell.  An increase would have limited the ability of many buyers and may have driven some buyers from the market altogether.

There was great anticipation about this interest rate announcement.  Most experts have been predicting higher rates by year’s end.  After all, to spur the economy, the Fed has kept rates fairly stable since 2008.   But recent turmoil in world markets caused significant uncertainty on Wall Street, which led to the Fed’s decision to stand pat.

But here is the caution:  what we have with this decision is a window, a brief moment during which we know what rates will be.  The Fed meets again at the end of October and in late December.  Either of those meetings could produce an increase in interest rates and many experts are confident they will.

Let’s take a look at that anticipated increase and what it might mean to a typical Conejo Valley  home buying couple.  They have been pre-approved for a conventional loan up to $500,000.  That plus the $125,000 they have set aside for down payment has them looking at homes in the $600,000 – $630,000 range.

If the Federal Reserve raised rates one percent, their whole plan and program would have to change.  Now, instead of a $500,000 mortgage, all they would qualify for would be a $440,000 mortgage.  If they continue with their plan to put 20% down, their new top sale price would be $550,000, a decrease of $80,000.  That’s huge!

So here is the message we all should take away from last week’s Federal Reserve decision on interest rates:  Get Busy!  If you’re looking for a home or think you might want to buy one in the future, NOW is the time to maximize your housing potential! You’ll likely be able to afford more house right now than you will be able to afford in a few months.

There is nobody in the Valley better equipped to help you take advantage of this opportunity than Help-U-Sell Conejo Valley.  We have the knowledge, experience and ability to help you secure a great home at a great rate.  Let’s get started today!

Help-U-Sell Conejo Valley is a progressive, full service real estate company saving buyers and sellers thousands in Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Oak Park, Camarillo, Oxnard, Simi Valley, Los Angeles  and all of the Conejo Valley.  You may reach us at (805) 379-3300, or by email to  Visit our website:


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